David Fraser Photography | About

David Fraser has been a San Francisco Bay Area portrait and fashion photographer since 2006 . However, his interest in photography dates back to the late 1990s (shooting with film), and the early 2000s, as he transitioned to digital photography. Initially he captured nature and landscape imagery, but began a focused effort on portraiture as the onset of the digital era of photography brought about a renewed market for headshots and other types of portraits. 


In 2009, he created a partnership with talented Caribbean model and stylist, Nicola Ifill, and began expanding into shoot fashion projects, including runway, commercial, and modeling portfolios. Together, they built a photography business called PhotoSophistry. In 2017, their thriving business was rebranded as David Fraser Photography, to bring it inline with their other social media presence. 


David’s photography has been published in Caribbean and US magazines including Feroce, Fuse, Beauty, Fitness & Wellness for Women, WOW Magazine, Cantus Cycneus, and others. He and Nicola Ifill have done collaborative fashion projects with School of Fashion & Design at the University of Trinidad & Tobago, and other fashion outlets. They travel frequently to photograph fashion projects across the United Stated, and throughout the Eastern Caribbean. 


As a portrait photographer, David is well regarded in the San Francisco Bay Area, and other parts of the world, where he is often the photographer of choice for public agencies, nonprofit campaigns, and political campaign portraiture. He specializes in creating portraiture for women, but also works with male clients. 


In addition to his creative work, David is an academic, and has been teaching in the California State University system for over 12 years. He holds an undergraduate degree in communications, as well as graduate and post graduate degrees in business administration, and education. He travels around the world to present seminars on fashion and portrait photography, focusing on lighting, composition, and more. 


As a member of Professional Photographers of America, David has a commitment to quality, and affirms core principles of professionalism in all he does. 


Contact David Fraser Photography if you’d like to book a studio or on-location portrait session, or modeling portfolio. Commercial agencies interested in using any of the copyrighted images may contact us for a cost estimate and review of appropriate licenses.