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A performer with Eztli Chicahua, a traditional Aztec Dance Group, blows on a shell as he displays his very colorful headdress.Clerk-Recorder of Contra Costa County, Stephen Weir, coordinated the celebratory activities.A member of Mariachi Show Latino, artfully and masterfully performs on the violin.Dr. Blas G. Guerrero, an administrator at Los Medanos College and Professor of Chicano Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, was the keynote speaker.Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, District IV, listens to the proceedings.This little princess attended in beautiful traditional Mexican dress.Members of the Board of Supervisors are joined by Cesar Chavez Youth Hall of Fame award recipients.Supervisor Federal Glover, District V, pauses near a framed sketch of Cesar Chavez.Dancer from Eztli Chicahua proudly displays her headpiece.Supervisor Federal Glover joins a Youth Hall of Fame honoree, Maureen GilSupervisors and the Keynote Speaker, listen closely to the proceedings.An Eztli Chicahua group member performs a dance over fire.A student in attendance pays rapt attention to the proceedingsSupervisor Mary Piepho, District III, addresses the audience.Supervisor Federal Glover, District V, addresses the audience.Supervisor John Gioia, District I, addresses the audience.