The Premium Photographer: Take Your Photography to the Next Level

Popular Photography Seminar Comes to Trincity, Trinidad & Tobago, August 3-4, 2014

Home Construction Limited - Organisational Development Centre (ODC), #22 Orange Grove Road, Tacarigua


Are you ready to take your photography to an advanced level? For some photographers, this may mean publication of their images. For others, it may mean developing a dynamic workflow for maximum efficiency.  And yet for others, it may simply mean attracting premium clients who appreciate their work and are willing to pay more for it. The Premium Photographer, an exciting 2-day all-inclusive interactive seminar, developed and presented by San Francisco photographer, David E. Fraser, provides a five point framework to get you on the road to becoming a premium photographer. (Click here to register)


DAY ONE - August 3, 2014, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

During the first day, seminar attendees will benefit from interactive presentations that focus on establishing and enhancing photography as both a creative endeavor and professional endeavor. Strategies for moving from enthusiast to professional, as well as taking a major photography project from concept to product, will be presented. The sessions for the day include the following:

  1. Developing the Concept: Learn how to visualize and organize your ideas, turning them into amazing photo shoots. Explore types of concept development and idea-sharing software used by successful professional photographers to get their projects off the ground. 
  2. Planning the Shoot: Develop strategies for assembling a good production team, even with a limited budget. Learn how to work collaboratively with makeup artists, stylists, technical assistants, and models.
  3. Choosing the Setting: Develop techniques for contextualizing your shoots, making them more believable or or more effective at conveying a sense of fantasy. The right setting - studio, nature, on location - is important. Learn how to select the right location for your projects. 
  4. Post-Processing the Photos: Regardless of the digital asset manager you use (Lightroom, Bridge, Capture One Pro etc.), certain approaches to post processing increase the likelihood that your photos will meet publication standards and attract commercial interests. Learn how to move your images in post processing from mundane to magical. 
  5. Showcasing the Work: Facebook and other social networks are limited avenues for showcasing your photography. Depending on the type of photography you do, there are other avenues that will give you greater visibility and more productive returns. Learn how to access these resources and the effectively "sell" your work on an international market. (Click here to register)


DAY TWO - August 4, 2014, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The second day of the workshop provides focus on several micro sessions and hands on work shooting and collaborating with other creative in attendance. The micro sessions for the day include the following:
  1. Makeup Artists & Photography
  2. Selecting and Working with Models
  3. Retouchers as Photography Partners
  4. Working with Designers and Stylists
  5. General Lighting Techniques
  6. Using Small/Portable Studios
  7. Photographing Couples
  8. Exploring Fine Art

The Conference Center Becomes a Studio

Though both days will be filled with exciting presentations, illustrations, and tutorials, the seminar location will be converted into fully operation photography studio with backdrops, concept props, strobe lighting, light modifiers, tethering displays and more. Professional models and makeup artists will also be present for illustration. Photographers with laptops and cameras will be able to try out some of the concepts during the many of the micro-sessions. 

** SPECIAL BONUS ** Shoot with a Model - Photographers who attend the seminar will be able to try out the concepts during the second day by photographing talented professional and aspiring models. You will also work closely with a team of makeup artists and other creative professionals (along with the seminar instructor) to do a small shoot. You will be able to add those images to your professional portfolio. 

Models or aspiring models who attend the seminar but are not one of the official models will be able to work alongside photographers, makeup artists, and other creative professionals, garnering skills necessary for launching or enhancing a modeling career.
Retouchers who attend the seminar will have the opportunity to work closely with photographers on concept and post processing development. 





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August 3-4, 2014

Location: Home Construction Limited

Contact: Tres Belle Cosmetique

Phone: 868-688-6870 (Trinidad)

Contact: Maurice Goddard Photography

Phone: 868-489-6016 (Tobago)

Presenter Contact:

David E. Fraser

Email: PhotoSophistry

Phone: 925-252-5164


Fees for the workshop include all print and electronic material, meals for both days, and special bonus gifts through random drawings. Gifts include Storage Drives, SD & CF data cards, USB Thumb drives and more. 

A discount code is available for a limited time for regular general registration. Follow the registration link, and you'll find it. 

$2,000TT - Regular general registration (register and pay by July 31, 2014)

$1,800TT - Regular group registration (3 or more - register and pay by July 31, 2014)

$1,600TT - Student registration - restrictions apply (register and pay by July 31, 2014)






About the Principal Presenters

David E. Fraser is a well regarded international photographer who works primarily in San Francisco, California. From creative portraiture to high-end fashion, he is known for shooting breathtaking concepts. Further, as official photographer for a number of corporate entities, his work is apt to be found in executive offices as well fashion galleries. David holds undergraduate degrees in communications and philosophy, masters degrees in business and public administration, a post-graduate degree in leadership, and is a candidate for a Doctor of Education in Leadership. 
Considered a very engaging presenter, David is also a graduate professor at California State University, East Bay. As such he is a sought after lecturer and presenter.
Nicola Ifill is the resident stylist for PhotoSophisry. A successful model in her own right, she brings a wealth of commercial, pageant, and runway experience to the seminar. She holds masters degrees in public health and food technology, and is currently a candidate for a doctorate in education. 
Known for her amazing fashion acumen, Nicola is highly regarded in San Francisco Bay Area fashion circles, and is often called upon as a consultant for events. She is principal of Nicola Ifill Consulting, through which she provides healthy lifestyle and fashion consults. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What will we cover on each day? 
A. On the first day, we focus on imporant ways of transitioning your work from amateur or enthusiast to professional. Digital Asset Managment, editing standards, types of equipment, studio vs on-location shooting, general portraiture guidelines etc. are included. On the second day, we focus on practicing for specific types of photography with actual shooting sessions. 
Q. Will we have opportunity to practice our shooting on both days? 
A. Yes. In fact, there is a friendly competition that requires you to shoot  and produce images where the winner will be the recipient of a Wacom Digitizer Tablet. 
Q. Should I bring my own camera to the seminar? 
A. Yes. You should bring your camera(s), lenses, and speedlights. We also suggest you bring a laptop and/or tablet (if you have one).
Q. I am a wedding photographer. Will you present anything about weddings that can enhance my business? 
A. Absolutely. On the second day of the workshop, one of Trinidad's most prolific wedding photographers, Arvin Isaac, will join me in a significant presentation covering premium photography for weddings. Bridal models will be on hand for the presentation. 
Q. Will I have an opportunity to photograph any of the models at the seminar?
A. Most certainly. On the very first day, you will have opportunity to shoot with our models. And on the second day, you will do even more. 
Q. I don't own a studio and don't shoot with studio lights. Does your seminar focus only on studio shooting with studio lights? 
A. No. Not at all. Our lighting setups will include speedlights as well as studio strobes. During the first day, we will focus more on using off-camera flash. On the second day, we'll focus more on studio strobes. 
Q. I am a landscape photographer who wants to begin photographing people. Is there any real benefit to me attending? 
A. The seminar does not focus on landscape photography. Of course, I have significant experience as a landscape photographer, but it is not the focus of this seminar. However, if you want to transition to shooting portraits, fashion and/or lifestyle photography, this seminar is a good place to begin. 
The Premium Photographer is a registered trademark of PhotoSophistry
San Francisco, California