FEBRUARY 13 - 14, 2016

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Seminar Overview

For any number of reasons, many people are excited about photography.  While most will never become income-earning professionals, there are large numbers of enthusiasts who own the most sophisticated photography gear available on the market. Amidst all the clutter, does your photography stand out, or is it merely marginally good, or even worse, looks just like everyone else’s? 

The RAW 101-II seminar equips photographers with skills focused on approaches to setting up your gear, dynamic fashion & portraiture composition, creative lighting techniques, and publication-quality post processing. The goal is to make your photography creations appear truly polished and professional. 

Getting the Exposure Right

Day One: Whether shooting with strobes or ambient light sources, there are specific techniques to nailing exposure each time. Attendees will learn how to create balance right in camera, saving valuable time in post processing. 

Essential Camera Settings

Day One & Two: While the focus will be primarily on DSLRs, adequate focus will also be given to mirrorless camera models that are emerging as a mainstay of the photography industry. Attendees will learn about essential camera settings that are useful for portraiture and portrait fashion. 

Studio/Outdoor Lighting

Day One & Two: On the first day attendees will learn advanced skills in studio and indoor location lighting. On the second day, focus will be on outdoor lighting. While Profoto strobes will be primarily used, the principles taught and illustrated with actual model photography are applicable to various types of flashes. 


Indoor/Outdoor Model Shoot

Day One & Two: During both days of the seminar, attendees will have ample opportunity to photograph seminar models in the studio setting (indoors) as well as outdoors in the environs of the seminar venue. 

Editing/Retouching Essentials

Day One & Two: On the first day, attendees will be introduced to common raw converters and image editing software. Major emphasis on editing and retouching will be done with Adobe Lightroom, with most advances features on Day Two.


About the Presenter: The primary presenter at the RAW 101-II seminar is David Fraser, a San Francisco, California published fashion and portrait photographer. He is also a professor of public affairs at the California State University, East Bay. You can see examples of his work on this website, www.photosophistry.com, or in recent publications like Feroce, Cantus Cycneus, Beauty, Fitness, & Wellness for Women and others. 

Register Today - Limited Space 

Space is limited at this popular workshop, modestly priced at only TT$1,000. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US AND REGISTER TODAY. Payments must be made one week before the seminar begins. Payment may be made by bank deposit at Republic Bank Trinidad, Ltd., or with one of our agents in Trinidad & Tobago. Major credit cards accepted without any surcharges. 


What Photographers Say About Our Seminars

The seminar was exciting, informative and just an all round amazing experience - Jason B., Cascade, Trinidad 

Seminar was a world of experience, unlike nothing else, learnt so much in two days - Maurice G., Plymouth, Tobago

David's knowledge and passion infuses his seminars with energy to stretch your creative and technical skills. Always money and time well spent! - Ashlene A., Port of Spain, Trinidad

It was an awesome learning experience - Darron H., Sangre Grande, Trinidad 

The last workshop by Prof. David Fraser was a very enriching experience. I gained a better understanding of how to approach the process of fashion photography. Love. Light. Life. - Douane J., Princess Town, Trinidad

A wealth of knowledge of the Art was passionately delivered and well received by all attendees. I left with a re-ignited passion for photography and fashion for which I'm eternally grateful. Thank you David. Stepphan Mc. , Arima,Trinidad and Tobago